Ben 10: Alien Force Episode List

Ben 10 Returns: Part 1

Ben discovers that the Forever Knights are trading weapons with the DNAliens. At the same time, Grandpa Max has mysteriously gone missing. With the help of his old enemy, Kevin Levin, and his cousin, Gwen, he decides to return the Omnitrix on his wrist and go hero once again.

Ben 10 Returns: Part 2

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin follow a lead that takes them to a secret base in the desert. There they hope to find Grandpa Max but instead find a Highbreed spaceship with a giant cannon.

Everybody Talks About the Weather

Gwen discovers that Grandpa Max's badge is able to signal other Plumbers. However, by using it, they meet up with a familiar alien, a pyronite.

Kevin's Big Score

Kevin shatters Ben and Gwen's trust when he steals the Rust Bucket to sell for alien technology on the black market.

All that Glitters

Grandpa Max leaves Ben a series of instructions to contact a team of heroes.

Pier Pressure

Ben has a date with Julie, although it is soon ruined when Ship takes control of the fair.

Max Out

Gwen's older brother, Ken, is missing and asks for Ben and Kevin's help. As they look, they encounter a surprise leading to a shocking secret from the DNAliens.


The Forever Knights secure a weapon in hopes of aiding them slay a dragon they hold captive.

What Are Little Girls Made Of ?

When Ben and Gwen learn that their grandmother Verdona is an alien being, Gwen must make a difficult decision.

The Gauntlet

Cash and JT steal a gauntlet from Kevin's car and decides to use it against Ben.

Plumber's Helpers

Rogue young Plumbers assume that Ben and his team are threatening aliens.


A time-travelling experiment from the 1950's sends a monster to Ben's time.

X Equals Ben Plus 2

An alien Emperor plans to destroy the Earth for kidnapping his daughter. In order to save the planet, Ben must uncover the secrets of Alien X.

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