Ben 10: Alien Force - Heroes

Ben Tennyson
Now 15, Ben is as adventurous as ever.
But with Grandpa Max missing, he must also become a responsible leader.
The Omnitrix has recalibrated, allowing Ben to access a new set of alien heroes.
When Ben puts the Omnitrix back on, it recans his DNA and unlocks a whole new set of alien heroes.
Gwen Tennyson
Gwen has grown out of her tomboy phase and is now a confident teen.
Her abilities have grown as well.
Gwen can manipulate natural energy to create shields, tentacles and powerful blasts from her hands.
Kevin Levin
Kevin is a streetwise bad boy and the former nemesis of Ben.
He can turn his body into any solid substance he touches.
Secretly, Kevin has a crush on Gwen.
But he´d never admit to it.
Kevin can absorb the properties of any solid substance he touches.
Grandpa Max
Max is a semi-retired member of an interplanetary police organization known as the Plumbers. He mysteriously vanished while investigating a secret Highbreed plot.

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